1. Identity of the current web holder

In compliance with the 11 July 34/2002 Law with regard to the Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico, we inform that the holder of the website www.forjasareitio.com is Forjas Areitio, S.A.U., with CIF: A-48064368
Address- San Lorenzo 24, Apdo. 43, 48260 Ermua (Bizkaia)
Email: forjasareitio@forjasareitio.com

2. General terms and conditions of this website

Access to this website means being its “User”, which implies you agree with the general terms and conditions posted on www.forjasareitio.com as soon as you have access to the website. Therefore, the User should read the general terms and conditions every time they wish to access and use the services provided through this website as these may change.

2.1. Objective and scope of the application

The present general terms and conditions regulate the access, navigation and use of www.forjasareitio.com as well as the liability resulting from its content, such as texts, graphics, pictures, codes, software, photographs, music, videos, databases, images, statements and information, as well as any other form of creation subject to copyright by the national laws and international treaties on intellectual and industrial property.

2.2. Conditions of access and use of services

The User should at all times make licit use of the current website services in compliance with the present general terms and conditions as well as the generally accepted Internet practices.
The User guarantees that all the information provided through the questionnaires and forms included in this website is licit, real, accurate, true and up-to-date. It will be exclusively the User’s responsibility to immediately notify Forjas Areitio, S.A.U. of any changes to the information provided.
The User refuses to insert viruses, programmes, macros or any other sequence of characters in order to damage or modify the IT systems on this website, prevent other users from accessing this website by means of the massive use of resources, gather data included in this website with advertising purposes, reproduce, copy, distribute, transform or make content on this website available to others, use the services available on this website to perform any actions that might damage the copyright, right to honour, image and/or the personal privacy of third parties and perform actions of unfair competition and illegal advertising

3. Intellectual and Industrial property rights

Forjas Areitio, S.A.U owns the rights of intellectual and industrial property of all the elements that make www.forjasareitio.com including its trademark, brand name and logo. In particular, namely and non exclusively, the author’s rights, graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, images, photographs, sounds and other elements included in this website are protected.
Under no circumstances does access to or browsing www.forjasareitio.com imply resignation, transmission or total or partial permission on the part of Forjas Areitio, S.A.U. for personal use of its intellectual and industrial property rights.
Therefore, the User acknowledges that the reproduction, copy, distribution, commercialisation, transformation, reutilisation, public communication and any other form of exploitation in any manner or form of all or part of the content found in Forjas Areitio, S.A.U constitutes a serious infringement of its intellectual and/or industrial property rights.

4. Liability and guarantee scheme

Forjas Areitio, S.A.U. states that within its means and the technology available it has adopted both technical and organisational measures that guarantee the proper use of its website as well as the absence of viruses and other damaging elements. However, it cannot be responsible for:
The consistency and availability of the contents and services included in www.forjasareitio.com
The absence of errors in such contents and the correction of any flaws that may occur
The absence of viruses and/or other damaging elements at www.forjasareitio.com
The security measures adopted and the damages or loss caused by any person who breaches those measures on www.forjasareitio.com

The User shall be solely responsible to third parties for any communication sent personally or on their behalf to www.forjasareitio.com as well as illicit use of the contents and services included in this website.
Forjas Areitio, S.A.U. reserves the right to suspend temporarily and without previous warning access to www.forjasareitio.com as a result of the necessary maintenance, repair, update or improvement actions. Circumstances permitting, Forjas Areitio, S.A.U. shall post on its website well in advance the foreseeable date when services are to be suspended.
Links to other webpages that can be accessed at www.forjasareitio.com may take you to other sites which Forjas Areitio S.A.U. does not assume any liability for, as it does not have any control over those websites, since they aim at merely informing the user of other sources of information. Consequently, the User accesses them under their exclusive responsibility and subject to the conditions of use that govern those sites.
Forjas Areitio, S.A.U. does not accept responsibility for the use that Users may make of the contents and services included in its website. Therefore, it does not guarantee that the use which Users may make of the contents and services referred to adapt to the present general conditions of use, nor that such use is carried out diligently.

5. Term and Amendment

Forjas Areitio, S.A.U. reserves the right to change totally or partially the present general terms and conditions of access by posting these changes on www.forjasareitio.com In addition, it may make modifications that it sees fit in without prior notice and it may change, remove or add both the content and the services provided as well as the way in which those contents and services are presented or located. As a result, the general conditions that were posted at the time the User accesses www.forjasareitio.com shall be considered. Consequently, the User must periodically read these conditions of use.
Irrespective of what is established in the specific conditions, Forjas Areitio S.A.U. can terminate, suspend or interrupt at any time and without prior notice access to the content on the website, excluding the User from the rights to demand any kind of compensation.

6. Applicable legislation and jurisdictional authority

The relationships established between Forjas Areitio, S.A.U. and the User will be governed by the current regulations applicable to existing legislation and competent jurisdiction. However, in cases where legislation foresees the possibility of both parties submitting to a court, Forjas Areitio, S.A.U. and the User, both renounce the right to any other courts that may apply, and submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Bilbao.